Tired Of Wheat Bread That Isn't Good For You? 4 Reasons You Should Switch To Organic Wheat Bread

Posted on: 8 September 2017

If you're still buying your wheat bread from the grocery store shelves, you're doing yourself, and your family, a huge disservice. Organic bread is so much better for you, and it tastes better too. If you think all wheat bread is the same, whether it's organic, or not, you're mistaken. There are many benefits to eating organic wheat bread. Here are just four of the benefits you can receive from switching to organic wheat bread:

Organic Wheat Contains More Nutrients

You might not realize this, but when wheat is exposed to pesticides, and other chemicals, during the growth cycle, the root system is stunted. That means that the roots won't be able to grow as deeply into the soil as they should. Unfortunately, shallow root systems aren't able to draw as many nutrients from the soil. However, organic wheat isn't exposed to those harmful chemicals, which means it will be able to develop strong, healthy root systems, which will draw more beneficial nutrients from the soil. As a result, the wheat will be much healthier for you.

Organic Wheat Doesn't Contain Chemicals

Chemicals don't just affect the root systems while wheat is growing. The chemicals used on the crops is absorbed right into the wheat. First, it's absorbed once the chemicals are sprayed onto the crops. Finally, the chemicals are absorbed directly through the roots from the water that's used to feed the crops. That means the wheat you're consuming has received a double dose of chemicals. However, when you eat organic wheat bread, you won't be consuming any chemicals because organic wheat is chemical-free.

Organic Wheat Produces Less Stomach Irritation

If you suffer from stomach irritation after eating commercial bread, it could be from the type of wheat that's being used as an ingredient. Most commercial bread manufacturers use a bulkier wheat that's been cross-bred with hybrid wheat, to create a less healthy, more irritating wheat. Organic wheat farmers don't utilize cross-bred wheat. They use a healthier strain of wheat that contains less gluten – the ingredient that causes the stomach irritation. The end result is a tastier wheat bread that doesn't cause stomach irritation.

Organic Wheat Provide Better Antioxidants

When it comes to your body, it needs plenty of antioxidants to keep it healthy. Organic wheat contains larger quantities of necessary antioxidants than are found in non-organic wheat bread. To make sure you're not missing out on vital antioxidants, it's time to switch from processed wheat bread to a healthier organic wheat bread.

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